Overview of the Business

  • Metering and Billing
    • AMR/AMI Metering Solution & Management
    • ICT – Postpaid and prepaid software Solutions
    • Data sanitization and management
    • Revenue Collection Management
  • Engineering Services
    • Supply and Installation of Distribution Equipments/Materials
    • Engineering and Procurement Services (EPC)
  • Consultancy, Training & Manpower Development
    • Management of ATC & C Loss & Regulatory matters
    • Business development and Research
    • Financial Modelling
  • Support Services in the Power sector Value Cain
    • Customer care services and Maintenance Management
    • Marketing Services and Logistics
Established in 1999 as a Utility Management Company, GUMCO has extensive experience in the Nigerian electricity distribution sub sector of the power sector and management market. GUMCO is managed by a team of indigenous and expatriate professionals with over 65 years’ cumulative experience in power and utilities project management.   GUMCO’s Nigerian experience includes over sixteen (16) years of Revenue Cycle Management (“RCM”) and Prepaid Metering Service with the then Power Holding Company of Nigeria (“PHCN”), and now a part owner, operator and technical service provider to Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) since November 2013.   GUMCO’s experience in RCM, spanning over five years, was in the commercial management of maximum demand, residential and commercial customers in the Ikorodu, Ojodu and Somolu Business Districts of present day Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company in Lagos State. Over this period, GUMCO made significant improvements to revenue generation and loss reductions (non-technical) in these Business Districts. Considerable improvements were recorded in areas of process improvements, training and manpower development, customer service delivery, sanitization of billing database and revenue collection and improvement.   GUMCO’s strategic investments in the Revenue Cycle Management project included physical deployment of equipment, tools, vehicles, metering tools (seals, data logger, etc.) and information technology software. In addition, GUMCO undertook staff training and development and mass media campaigns to inform the public of on-going activities in the system. GUMCO invested in communication infrastructure to facilitated online transactions.   GUMCO participated in the PHCN bid for metering and billing management and emerged top amongst the bidders in the evaluation of the combined technical and financial bid proposals.   GUMCO was the operator of the National Pre-Payment Metering Program (NPPMP) in the Benin Electricity Distribution Company covering Edo, Delta, Ondo and Ekiti States between 2006 and 2009. The program primarily entails the procurement, installation and management of prepaid meters in the coverage area of current day BEDC. The contract provides for the installation of 161,000 Pre-Paid Meters (PPMs) within 2 years and management of the vending operations until the operator’s investment in metering and vending infrastructure is fully repaid. Again, GUMCO emerged top with no less impact, installing over 150,000 Prepaid Meters within two years, whereas the total Pre-paid metering installation in the whole 11 Distribution companies under the NPPMP was less than 500,000. This is a feat that is rare in this part of the world.   GUMCO is currently an operator of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) as technical partner to and part of core investor consortium (Vigeo Power) that bided and won the bid for the privatization of the successor Power Holding Company of Nigeria. Gumco with her partner Tata Power Delhi Distribution Company, India, are the technical partners and managers of BEDC under an MTSA management and technical service agreement signed with the core investors to the company.   BEDC has a customer population more than 13m spread over a land mass of over 57,000 sq Km and a distribution capacity of over 2,400 MW. GUMCO is tasked with the entire commercial operation of the distribution company (DisCo) since November 2013.